Back Shield is a Tier 2 Tank that upgrades from the Standard Tank at Level 15, it has two upgrades at Level 30; Hidden Gunner & Twin Back Shield. The Tank prioritizes on the concept of a temporary shield in trade for no Body Damage.


The Design is similar a standard Tank, equipped with a single turret. The main difference is a large Cone shaped Orange Shield on the back of the tank that completely protects it from damage as long as the shield has health.


  • Turret has slightly greater Range than an Average Tank
  • Turret deals slightly more Damage than an Average Tank
  • Turret has slightly slower Reload than an Average Tank
  • The Shield protects the Tank from attacks on its rear and moves to always be on the opposite side of the turret, it can be destroyed if it sustains enough damage although it can withstand at least one of any bullet type.
    • The Shield replaces the Body Damage with the new Stat Shield Health, this determines how much health the Shield has as it has a set time to respawn after it's destroyed
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