"Badæpel... I remember her... My first successful experiment... I demand you all to kill her! Don't let her escape! I hate her!"

Crackers, Crackers Inc.

Badæpel is a polygon boss tank that was added on 10/11/2017. Badæpel was created by Crackers to kill tanks who offend him, but she escaped his grasp. Badæpel doesn't want to battle at all, but she is forced too. Badæpel has Four regular Spawners and Four Battleship Spawners.


Badæpel features a dark blue strangely shaped tank body with a Spawner on each flat side, and a battleship spawner on the left of each side a Spawner is on.


Badæpel features 3,300 health, which is a little above the regular polygon boss tank average at 3,000. Upon death/destruction, Badæpel drops 33,030 EXP, which is quite a bit above the regular polygon boss tank average. Badæpel has moderate health regeneration, at 20 health per second if left alone for 20 seconds. Badæpel has a simple speed and Body Damage; that of a Defender, and Badæpel has auto spin on.


Crasher Spawners

The Crasher Spawners is a variety of Spawner that is seen on many boss tanks. It has the exact same stats as the Crasher Spawner found in the Guardian. A maximum of 10 drones per Spawner for a total of 40 drones.

Battleship Spawners

The Battleship Spawners are found on, or course, the Battleship. They have the same stats as a maxed out Battleship.


  • Badæpel was Crackers' first successful experiment.
  • Badæpel would have been my username, but I changed it at the last second.
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