"Others are waiting for the future. I AM THE FUTURE!"

Barge is a Boss Tank added on August 19th 2017. Barge is based on no particular polygon, although it has a close resemblance to the Quasar polygon, which it is not related too. Barge is a futuristic polygon boss with new types of weapons. Barge's weapons include Three guns that have high bullet damage and reload, Two Auto Turrets that have very quick reload, and Three mobile pieces, Two of which have Auto Turrets.

This polygon boss, Barge, can spawn in 2 Teams, 4 Teams, and Exploration


Barge features a body that looks like the letter "V" with 3 regular guns at the front. Around the tank are 3 isosceles triangles, two of which have Auto Turrets.



Barge has 4,500 HP, which is the same as Astra, and Cotton. Barge also drops 45,000 XP upon destruction, which is also the same as Astra and Cotton. Barge's health regeneration is at 60HP per second after being left alone for 10 seconds, for both phases. Barge is a fast boss, at 5x the speed of a Guardian, so Barge can escape from a battle easier, or stay in it if it so chooses.


Each cannon of the Barge outputs the same amount of stats as a maxed out bullet build Triplet, but with Ranger bullet speed.

Auto Turrets

The Auto Turrets are simple. They have the same stats as an Auto Gunners Auto Turret, and have 360 degrees of rotation.


The Units are the white triangle bits slightly apart from the tank in Phase 1. They have the body damage of a Spike.


Phase One

Barge uses its insane speed to rush over to tanks, and makes its three units to its advantage. The guns only fire if a tank fires at its body successfully.

Phase Two

When Barge's HP reaches 2,000, its Units disappear, and all weapons have Auto Fire automatically on at this point.


  • This Boss has a striking resemblance to Quasars, but is not based on them.
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