"Skies darken as the shadow forms along the Barge of the Polygons."

The Barge of the Polygons, or simply Barge, is an AI-controlled Boss in It uses explosive Drones as weapons, along with Cannons and Auto Turrets.


The Barge features a Green Pentagon body with the size of Alpha Pentagon, with one flat side of it acting as its back. Five cannons formed like the Streamliner's weapon are placed on the front. Three drone Spawners are placed on the back sides of the Barge, one for each side. The front sides also have two normal auto turrets with their size similar from the Defender. Lastly, a large quad Assassin auto turret is placed on top of its body.


The Barge is a Polygon's creation considered as legendary and powerful. While it was originally meant to be a special war transportation vehicle, the Barge's engineers made this into a heavy war machine due to the increasing rate of Polygon destruction by the tanks. They did their best at making this, and their hard work had paid off. This sky behemoth is now one of the most powerful bane to the tanks. It can deal against multiple of them for a long time before either side is destroyed, and because of this, it is mostly deployed on where everything is highly concentrated. Thus, it was given the title "Catastrophe of the Urban Skies, Barge of the Polygons".


Although it spawns drones and shoots bullets, the Barge acts more like a ramming Boss, like the Fallen Booster. It has an extremely rare chance to replace a Witch's spawn, making it a legendary sighting.

The Barge has an incredible amount of 30,000 health, very high compared to other Bosses. However, it has weak health regen. The Barge only targets players level 15 and higher, unless provoked.

The spawners spawn explosive drones. These drones are like the Hwacha's drones, making very small explosions when destroyed. Each spawner spawns 8 drones, making the total of 24 drones. They also create much recoil when spawning drones, each around the same with the Guardian's spawner. Take note that the explosive drones doesn't disappear by themselves, and that every drone may chase different tanks, not just the Barge's target. Also, the Streamliner-fashioned cannons on front of it fires non-stop, unless there are no nearby players on range. The cannons do no recoil. The quad Assassin auto turret spins faster than a tank with auto-spin enabled, and doesn't directly aim at the players. However, it has farther detection range, about as large as the Ranger's FoV. The front auto turrets can only rotate on 140 angle arc. All bullets does minimal damage, although constantly receiving them is deadly.

When defeated, the Barge will reward a highly amount of 3,000,000 XP points to the player that defeated it, enough to gain the "Okay, you're pretty good" achievement and some of Boss-related achievements. All of its drones will disappear without explosion, too.


  • Strong Against: Melee tanks, tanks with low Reload, drone tanks (when being chased)
  • Weak Against: High DPS tanks with high Bullet Penetration

The Barge is much like the strengthened version of Fallen Booster, but slower. Try to escape away from it. Avoid all of it bullets. Shoot down the explosive drones.

While being chased down, try to move out to avoid the bullets. Also, avoid the bullets shot by the quad auto turret. Lastly, try to destroy the explosive drones as they can eliminate anything with ease.

When not being chased, use the chance to attack the Barge. Avoiding the auto turrets' stray bullets is not much a hard thing. If possible, the player try to catch up in the front side of the Barge, so that the explosive drones won't cover much of their bullets. Be careful however when the Barge had eliminated its target, as it might suddenly change their target.

When playing team game modes, it is best for someone to team up with other players from their team. Having at least one Trapper branch class and two other high DPS tanks should be enough to take down the Barge.


  • This Boss is a little bit inspired by the Mammoth Kopter boss from the game Broforce.
  • It is one of the few Bosses to use explosive type of ammunitions.
  • Originally, it had only 4,580 health. It was changed to show similar health increase of Green Polygons.
    • Previously, it is only 5x the health (and XP given) of a regular Boss, compared to 10x increase of health and XP of Green Polygons from regular ones (the Suppressor shared this same trait). It was changed so that it has 10x the health and 100x the XP award, to compensate for its rather extremely high rarity (as it can only replace the Witch with an extremely low chance).
    • The auto turrets from its front were added since it doesn't seems as powerful as other Green Polygon Bosses.
  • A 'barge' is actually 'a flat-bottomed boat for carrying freight, typically on canals and rivers, either under its own power or towed by another'. However, boats do not exist in, although the name makes the amount of explosive drones it have seems to make sense (considering drones as the 'freight' delivered by the Barge of the Polygons).
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