Baron of Buzzsaws is a member of the League of Iron and can spawn in the Iron Fort gamemode. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Baron is a large grey tank resembling The Saw, with 32 long spikes jutting out of him. Like the Saw, he also has a glowing red eye in the middle of his face. On the bottom of him, layered on top of the spikes is a spawner. Layered under the spikes are 4 arms with buzzsaws at the end of them.

The Fight

Phase 1

The Baron (predictably) has very high body damage. He also happens to be completely immune to body damage himself, so if you ram him, prepare for a world of pain. His spawner will pump out 10/10/10/10 AI Spikes that are level 45, ad he can have a maximum of 10 at a time. The Baron himself will order the Spikes around with his arms and only attack if the tanks get too close. If they get too close, he will swing one of his saws at it, usually enough to kill it in 1 hit.

Phase 2

Once the Baron of Buzzsaws enters 100000 HP he will emit a very high-pitched shriek, despawn all his Spike minions and start spawning Crashers instead. He will now dash at tanks and attempt to saw them into pieces, while trying to ram others.

Death animation

All 4 of the Baron's arms will pop off and his spikes will stop spinning, then explode one by one. By the time the last spike explodes, so does the entire Baron, and lots of smoke is created, summoning in another member of the league.


  • Baron of Buzzsaws makes an appearance in Strike Mode as a mid-boss of the Green Forest stage.
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