The Barricader is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from Trapper and Triple Shot. It cannot upgrade any further.


The Barricader features a circular body and three trap launchers on front, with the side launchers roughly 45 degrees off the center one.


Upon upgrading to Barricader, two additional trap launchers are added to the sides of the original one, similar to the Triple Shot's cannon formation. This allows for more front attacks. The traps' lifespan decreases from 24 seconds to 10 seconds. Other than that, no other changes in stats occur.


  • Strong Against: Ramming classes such as Smasher, Tri-Angle branch, tanks with low Bullet Penetration and Reload
  • Weak Against: Destroyer branch, Sniper branch especially Assassin and upgrades

Compared to Tri-Trapper, the Barricader can block enemy passages much faster due to the trap launchers being much nearer to each other. However, it cannot cover multiple area around it at once, which the Tri-Trapper can.

When playing team game modes, it's best to team up with other Trapper classes, along with some bullet-shooting classes. The Trappers can set up a shield for their teammates, which is another specialty the Barricader can do, making shield much faster. The bullet-shooting teammates will then takeout the enemies. The combined shielding of it and the Tri-Trapper makes a great impact, as while almost all sides are being covered with traps, there is also a heavily defended area that enemies may find hard to break through,


  • Having the name 'Barricader' for this tank is because of its fast setup of traps near to each other on a wide area.
    • It is also one of the Trapper upgrades to not have the word "Trapper" in its name.
  • It uses to have a decreased Reload, but this was removed.
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