Barryl is a new character added in the Extended Tale of Diep (not anymore). He may just seem like some other Dr. Lacus clone that everyone can make on this wiki, but he has a lot more than it seems... He's the master of coding.


Possibly gonna get reworked.

Has a purple body with two tank arms. Wears a white cloth with a pocket. Also has a right (fake, he wants to look cool) cyber-eye.

Inventions and other stuff

  • Energy Converter: Possibly his greatest invention. Allows him to transfer things from computer server to the real world and vice versa. That's how all his other creations were brought to life - they were first created virtually.
  • The Sentinel's new program - The Sentinel had an error in its programming that caused it to not attack anything. "Luckily", Barryl has found it and fixed a bug.
  • Fusion Bosses - A group of weird polygon bosses that sometimes look like two bosses in one, like Spearhead, or have something new, like Penturret.
  • The Engine - Barryl's attempt to make a copy of Reactor, however, as it was his first try at making his own tank, he didn't have too many parts to use, so it only has a Machine Gun barrel and several spikes on its back. Eventually, it disappeared into oblivion... or did it?
  • Cyber Mode and everything it has in - Don't let yourself to be trapped in this...


  • He has a faint tank symbol on his coat.
  • His name is a pun on 'barrel', a weapon that tanks use (now they're named "cannons"), and Barry, the real world name.
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