The Bat-Tank is a Tier 7 Upgrade from the Tankbird at Level 90. It is considered a Justice League tank. The Bat-Tank can become invisible just like a Stalker.


The Bat-Tank fires point-blank Bullets from its front, these represent the Batman's fighting prowess at close range. Batarangs are also fired from the front but as well as the very long turrets at the flanks.


Explosive Batarangs

The Bat-Tank spits out spreads of exploding batarangs from the front.

Grappling Hook

Bat-Tank fires a grappling hook to pull in enemies to their doom. Pulled-in tanks take 3x body damage upon colliding with the Bat-Tank. To use this ability, press M (the hotkey for this ability) then click an enemy tank or polygon to pull in. Not to be done with Boss Tanks unless absolutely sure that the Boss has low enough health for the Bat-Tank to survive.

Satellite Bats

5 robotic bats surround the Bat-Tank. These bats reduce the damage taken by 40% and reflects 30% damage back at the opponent.


The Bat-Tank is obviously based off of the Batman, a DC Comics superhero famous for his overwhelming fighting prowess, extremely high intelligence, indomitable badassery, and his tendency to defeat gods and demons that are hundreds (if not thousands) of times more powerful than he is, as well as think his way out of unthinkable, impossible situations.

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