Battle Royale is one of the game modes. In this game mode, all players will get double EXP for polygons. They also cannot respawn after they die. If they die, they will be redirected to another server. When first joining the game, the player will have to wait until there are at least 64 players. When that happens, there will be a 10 second countdown. Other players can still join during this countdown. After the countdown finishes, the players will spawn in a random spot in the arena. This arena starts out the same size as the FFA arena, but shrinks as the game goes on to force players to encounter each other. When there is only 1 player left, the winner will get a Victory Royale achievement, and Arena Closing occurs.


This mode is extremely similar to Survival, so most strategies that work in Survival also work here.


This mode is extremely similar to Survival. However, there are 64 players, and a few things work differently than in Survival:

  • Players get double EXP instead of triple, and there is no passive EXP gain.
  • When the start-of-game countdown starts, the game will start even if people start quitting and the player count drops below 64 during the countdown, unlike in Survival where the countdown will stop and wait for more players to join. This allows for games that start out with less than 64 players.
  • Players don't have score, like in Domination and unlike in Survival. There is also no leader arrow and scoreboard.
  • The playable area shrinks every 20 secs, unlike in Survival where the map shrinks every time a player dies. When it gets small enough (barely bigger than an Alpha Pentagon), it will stop shrinking.
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