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The Battletrapper is one of the many tier? 4 upgrades from the Overtrapper and the Overseer tanks. The Battletrapper may not upgrade any further as it is at the end of its upgrade line. Idea by Enigmium and Tacocat247, DO NOT STEAL.


The Battletrapper features a circular tank body with Two Launchers mounted at the front angled apart 22.5 degrees. Mounted at the back are two Battleship Cannons.


Upon upgrading:

  • Bullet Damage is increased
  • Reload is increased
  • Movement speed is decreased
  • Max health is decreased


As the Battletrapper

Since this tank has 2 barrels that shoot Protectors, they are used for offense; however the Launchers are used for defense. The Player should use the Launchers to defend against rammers, bullet spammers, and others. But because bullet spammers destroy its traps almost instantly, the Player should try avoiding them. The player should use the barrels at the back for farming polygons, killing enemies, or Boss Tanks.

Against the Battletrapper

The Battletrapper's traps are weak. So use bullet spammers such as the Streamliner, Triplet, and the like. Just avoid the Protectors, because they can cause damage.


  • This tank's name is inspired by Gunner Trapper
  • It is also based on Battleship, hence Battletrapper
  • It is made in here.
  • It is also made by using main image editors, such as paint.net