The Battlezoid is a second generation Boss Tank added on September 4th, 2017. Battlezoid is not a dual Boss, unlike Black Blizzard, or Enigmatrix. Battlezoid is a formidable foe, not only having a sleek design, but also the assortment of weaponry, which includes Two Spawners, and 5 Cannons.


The Battlezoid by itself

The Battlezoid features a Green Trapezium, overlapped by a Yellow Square. On the front are five regular Cannons, and on the back are Two Spawners on the back.



Battlezoids, like Stalemates, spawn with 25 drones, this time Yellow instead of Dark Blue. When the drones are destroyed, they respawn from the Battlezoids Spawners. They attack the Top 10 players. Their speed is that of Bullets shot from Factory Drones with maximum bullet speed. The front part of Battlezoid is basically a giant Reflector. It doesn't take any damage. The only way to damage Battlezoid is from the back.


Battlezoid has around 4,500 Health, like most Generation Two bosses. Battlezoid has the movement speed of a Guardian.


1. Heavy Arsenal

  • The bullets fired from Battlezoid, will explode, like the bullets from Bombers bullets.

2. Snips

  • The green traperzium part of Battlezoid will snip towards the front, like scissors.

3. Anti-Maker

  • Battlezoid's spawners will de-attach, and stop spawning drones. They try to crush tanks.

4. Its Duplicating!

  • Battlezoid duplicates into 5. The 4 clones have Square health.

5. Airborn

  • Battlezoid goes 5x faster, and attempts to ram enemies with its indestructible front side.


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