The Bent Hybrimmer is a Tier 5 Tank that upgrades from Bent Hybrid.


It looks much like the Bent Hybrid, except its sides have spikes slightly facing towards the back, its Cannons become Deployers and it also has a mounted Auto Deployer on top which is surrounded by 4 Bent Turrets.


Its Deployers shoot Hyper Missiles instead of Bullets, though these are about 2.5x the strength as the Bent Hybrid's Bullets and have the same Reload Speed.

Its Spawners spawns controllable Bent Minions that are the same strength as Factory Minions. The Bent Hybrimmer can have up to 10 of these.

Its Auto Turrets mounted on Top are independent, targeting anything that isn't on the Bent Hybrimmer's Team.

The Bent Hybrimmer has 3x the Health and twice the Body Damage compared to a normal Bent Hybrid, but it moves about 50% the speed though.


  • The first non-Boss Tank made by this one.
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