The Berserker is a Tier 3 tank. It can further upgrade into Fire Fury or Rager. Idea by Everfarther.


The Berserker has a fire-lance on the front, and a machine gun cannon on the back.


Since the Berserker's cannon on the back gives a nice recoil and this slightly increase the Movement Speed of the Berserker, it is easier to smash into other tanks and burn them. The size of the berserker's fire lance is the same of that on the Burner, however, the Berserker's lance grants Instant damage as soon as the lance touches the enemies. The lance damage is 1.5x the body damage of the Berserker.


The Berserker mainly deals damage by continuously piercing the fire-lance into other tanks for the bullet they shot is of 4 / 0 / 0 build.To avoid this, use the Gunner, Streamliner, Triplet or Sprayer with high bullet damage. You can also use the Destroyer-Branch tanks and mace the huge bullet on the Berserker's face while the Berserker is approaching you.


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