Ooh, shiny, shiny! SHINY! ME LIKEY!

Berthe is the Hoplite Legion Commander, one of the ten commanders of the Legion of the Lord, Lord Sassafras’s army, in the Extended Tale of Diep. Idea by Diepmon.


Drawn from a distant land, this once-fearsome ice-demon wolf has become a bandanna-wearing Legion Commander with the smiliest of smiles, loving to rip up everything in his path with optimism and glee. Personal space is not in his lexicon. He is also a compulsive hoarder and could be described as "mentally challenged."

Let’s just say it’s better not describing the place he came from. No, he wasn’t a vulptex from the salt flats of Crait... though what we can say is that he is a perfect example of the volatility of IE Energy when used to enhance beings, in that it can go any which way behavior-wise.


In-game, Berthe appears as a tank with extremely spiky ice-blue "fur" that ends in much darker blue spikes. He has a nose that juts out like a Fox, with a beady nose tip on the end. His claws are long and spiked like Oculus, but he has five on each hand, a thumb and four fingers. He also has paws (sort of.) His long tail’s end resembles a mace with several ice spikes jutting at right angles out from it. The tail itself is composed up of 12 ovular segments linked up with each other on their long ends. He wears a dark-but-not-quite-dark blue bandanna around his eyes.

Invasion Army Event

Berthe is the Hoplite Legion Commander, so naturally, he spawns Hoplite Legionnaires to aid him in battle. Don’t let his funny looks and silly demeanor fool you, his recklessness and highly unstable mental state makes him an (unpredictable) force to be reckoned with (or not, because sometimes he may fall asleep in battle.)

Phase 1

  • Frost Breath: Berthe releases a cone of ice from his mouth that freezes players on contact.
  • Pulse Cannon: Berthe materializes a frozen assault cannon out of nowhere with IE Energy, blasting off 5-7 area damage shots that inflict medium damage and Slowed for 4 seconds.
  • Swipe: Berthe slashes at a tank, stealing a random item from their inventory (if Tale of Diep has inventories, I don’t really know). This deals medium-low damage.
  • Twin Swipe Swap: Berthe performs Swipe, but swaps two items between two players’ inventories, damaging them both.
  • Claw Slash: Berthe giggles uncontrollably as he scratches a player 5-8 times, dealing high damage overall and inflicting Bleeding for 4 seconds afterwards.
  • Frozen Tip: Berthe’s tail becomes encrusted in ice, and he swings it around to deal medium area damage behind him.
  • Icy Shard: Berthe belches up a massive ice crystal, which he then hurls like a javelin at a group of players. Upon impact, the shards inflict Slowed for 3 seconds and high damage.
  • IMA FIRING MA LAZORS: Berthe fires blue lasers from his eyes that freeze on contact and deal medium damage. This attack lasts for 5 seconds.
  • Slash Slash Slash: Berthe starts laughing in an edgy manner as he runs from player to player, slashing them with his claws 1-4 times. This attack does not end until he has attacked every single player.
  • Naptime: Berthe becomes Invincible and falls asleep in the middle of the battle. He recovers 10% of his health over 3 minutes, while players have to wait for him to wake up. This ability is only used up to 3 times a battle.
  • Triple Slash: Berthe slashes at a player with both of his claws, then slashes them with his tail, flinging them into the air for even more damage.
  • Ice Cream Beam: Berthe charges up for 2 seconds, then releases a continuous slow-moving laser from his mouth. He turns 360 degrees slowly, where the laser has a range of 25 tiles and splatters them with ice cream upon contact, dealing no damage but immobilizing them.
  • Bodygrabs Ball: Berthe summons 5-10 Tier 1 and 2 Hoplite Legionnaires from a portal. He then clumps them together into a ball and rolls it at a group of players. Upon impact, the Legionnaires deal medium damage and are knocked every which way, then begin attacking.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is entered at 40% health. Berthe starts to focus on more damaging attacks in this phase, although he has a 20% damage resistance buff. He can use the attacks in his previous phase, too.

New Attacks:

  • High Leap: Berthe jumps into the air, landing in a spot within 10 tiles to deal very high area damage in a small radius and Slowed for 4 seconds within the same area. Aesthetic ice spikes will jut up from the ground in the crater where he lands.
  • Pouncey Pounce: Berthe cartwheels (yes, cartwheels) himself at a player at a frightening speed, picking them up and tossing them into the air, where he uses Frost Breath, then kicks them away with his tail.
  • Ice Carve: Berthe slashes at a group of players continuously for low damage. Each slash has a 15% chance to raise a square ice pillar from the ground with a 7 tile by 7 tile area. If this happens, players will be tossed into the air and come back down, being dealt fall damage. This attack lasts for 12 seconds.
  • Bottom Cast: Berthe jumps to an empty area, and with a spin of his body and claw, carves a chunk of the ground out. He jumps on the edge of the removed earth, sending it flying to squash any players who might be hit by it in a 5-tile radius area which is marked. If players are hit, they are dealt medium damage and Paralyzed.
  • Howl: Berthe releases an ear-splitting howl, inflicting Panic, Cursed, Stunned, and Confused on all players for 5 seconds.
  • Ice Bowling: Berthe spits out 4 ice boulders from his mouth in quick succession. The ice boulders roll in a random direction, dealing heavy damage to players they hit.
  • Call of the Legion: Berthe summons 20 Tier 1 Legionnaires around him in a circle to absorb hits as a makeshift shield. Once there are only 8 or less left, they will break off to attack.


At 5% HP, Berthe will use Bottom Cast, but just as he is about the throw the dirt boulder, he notices there’s a bunch of shiny crystals underneath the ground. He will then proceed to dig up the crystals, then notice there are more deep down. Berthe then continues digging downwards into the ground, as his tail disappears into the hole. Finally, any Legionnaires remaining will jump down the hole to follow their master. About 10 seconds after that, a tan portal appears above the hole, which slowly reels Berthe into it out of the hole, clutching a load of shiny crystals, metals, and the occasional lost weapon. The Legionnaires will climb out of the hole and jump into the portal. Berthe’s tail gets stuck on the portal’s edge before it closes, and a sliver of it shears off. This item can be picked up, and it has a certain use...

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