The Black Beast is a new Event Boss that appears in Cyber Mode.


Full Form

Black Beast is a giant rounded square with red eye in the middle. It also has some weird "illuminating" green symbols on it.

Splitted Form

After doing three attacks in normal form it turns into ~36 "tanks" that have black rouded square body. One of them has that red 'evil' eye. You can only damage the eye one.



My theme:

The Fight


It's a big room that is as wide as the boss, so you don't have too much place to dodge. Only five players can fight with this guy. If one of them dies, other tank from ouside of arena is teleported to it.


Full Form

  • Eye Shot: It shoots 4-7 fast red bullets at players that inflict Burning.
  • Laser Sweep: Creates a solid laser from eye that goes through the 3/4 of room wideness. You don't want to stay long in it.
  • Variable Four: Four turrets appear on its body, each inside of one of the green symbols. They can be Heavy, Machine Gun or Griever turrets. They disappear after 8 seconds.
  • Plasma Shot: Its eye glows purple, then it shoots 5-11 violet Paralyzer bullets.

Splitted Form

  • Move 1: They move from one side of room to another one at the time at the 3/4 speed of rammer-build Booster.
  • Move 2: They move from one side of room to another in clusters of four at the half speed of ramming Booster. This "attack" has an unpredictable trajectory(they can zigzag).
  • Eye Gun: The eye tank shoots five bullet shotgun at players three times.
  • Crush: 1/4 of 'blocks' get Destroyer cannons on thieir back and try to ram into tanks in pairs(one charges from top of the target, one from the bottom).


  • Based off Shadow Devil from Mega Man X5.
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