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The Black Blizzard is the First 2nd Gen boss. It is a dual boss which means it has two bases which can merge or split when needed.


The Black Blizzard is has a triangle-shaped base. The first base is a triangle with 2 spawners on two sides. The second base is a smaller triangle with 2 spawners on both sides.


Black Blizzards

Both bases spawn 6 crashers per second, each with about 75 HP. They have a maximum of 48 crashers around. The crashers will chase the Top 5 players in its area. Their speed is as fast as a maxed Booster. The 2 bases can either merge or split when needed.


The 1st base has 3500 HP and it regenerates its health slowly, while the 2nd has 2000 HP and it regenerates quickly. It moves as fast as a Booster moving backwards.


1. Warp

  • Both bases will merge and teleport to a random place on the map.

2. Split

  • Both bases will split and act as a crasher.

3. Storm

  • Both bases will merge and spin their crashers to every player around it.

4. Blizzard

  • Both bases will merge and attack every player in its area.

5. Regenerate

  • When one base is close to death, The other will merge with the first to heal it.

6. Blast

  • All crashers will spin around the boss and disperse attacking every player in the "blast zone."


What the Black Blizzard looks like.

What it looks like separated


  • Strong against: Weak tanks, ramming builds, low DPS tanks.
  • Weak against: High DPS tanks, Sniper tree, Destroyer tree.