"In darkness awaits what could be the unexpected death. But if you are that death, better say 'Hello darkness my old friend'."
Blackout is a Game Mode in, where it features darkness, a new mechanic in the game.


Blackout is similar to FFA, but with the following differences:

  • A very dark fog covers the entire FoV, preventing the player to see anything within. The player must move their cursor to lighten up a portion of the map.
    • Anything under the darkness, whether Polygons, Drones, Bullets, Bosses or other players, cannot be seen (except Glowing Polygons, as they emit their own light). Only those at the light is shown. If portion of them is on the bright light, only that part can be seen, and the other portion is hidden.
      • This includes their name, score and health bar.
      • This also includes the player's own bullets, drones and traps.
    • If the player moves their cursor to the right, the light coming from their tank would also move to that direction.
      • When the tank auto-spins, the light will also move along where the front part of the tank is.
        • For tanks that always spin by themselves, such as Smasher, Auto 5, etc., the light will only respond where the cursor is, and would not move on the "front" part of them. However, pressing the auto-spin key (C) would make the light move as the tank spins, just like the above statement.
      • For tanks that uses auto turrets (Auto 3, Auto Gunner, etc.), the turret would only fire to polygons, enemy tanks and Bosses visible on the light. Thus, if nothing is within the brightened area of the players FoV, but plenty of polygons is in the darkness, the auto turret will stop firing, waiting for another available target to show up. This also happens on Factory's minions.
  • The Minimap is disabled in this game mode, so players must remember the area they went on.


  • If the player think they are safe, they may try spinning their tank wildly by moving their cursor around it fast, and see what might lies in darkness.
  • Glowing Polygons provide light. Don't destroy them unless necessary.
  • Going into the map border might be easier for the player to survive, although it might less likely find multiple Polygons there.
  • Tanks that can become invisible such as Stalker could make use of darkness, as they can easily hide without being noticed by other players.


  • This is one of the first game modes to use darkness as its special feature.
  • This is also one of the first game modes to have the Minimap disabled by its own.
  • There used to be a 2 Teams and 4 Teams variant of this game mode, but they were removed due to being too abundant.

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