The Blaster is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from Destroyer and Bomber. It uses more powerful exploding Bullets as its ammunition.


The explosion range of the Blaster's bullet. Note that the Blaster itself will not be damaged if within the explosion but will still receive knockback.


The Blaster features a circular body and a Destroyer cannon, with a trapezoidal base overlapping it.


Its bullets' explosion become more powerful than the Bomber's, however, this also possesses very high knockback to everything within the explosion. Note that anything can be affected by the knockback, including your teammates, although they will not receive any damage, and some special tanks (particularly the real Dominators and Arena Closers) are immune from the knockback.

As with the Destroyer, the Blaster suffers a high recoil upon firing bullets.

Upon upgrading to Blaster:

  • When upgrading from Destroyer, Bullet Penetration is replaced by Explosion Power. However, upgrading Explosion Power also upgrades Bullet Penetration, but not too much. The same mechanics from the Bomber applies when upgrading the stat.
  • When upgrading from Bomber, its Explosion Power increases.
  • It has slightly decreased Reload.


  • Strong against: Group of tanks with low reload, Overseer branch, tanks with low DPS, unaware tanks, Trapper branch.
  • Weak against: Tanks with high DPS or reload, other Destroyer branch.

Since the bullets explode, and has lesser penetration than Destroyer bullets, attempting to attack an enemy tank in a place full of Polygons (especially Pentagons) is a hard thing to do. The Polygons will surely be hit by the bullet unless the Blaster aimed carefully. It will also alert the enemy of the Blaster's presence due to Polygons being knocked away. However, if the player's main intention is to farm up for points, it can be safe to do, as long as no one can ambush them.

As with the Polygons, fighting tanks with high reload or can cause bullet storms is pretty much more difficult. Multiple stray bullets may hit the Blaster's bullet and therefore may cause the explosion. If one is about to do this in team game modes, it is recommended to be accompanied by one or more Overseer, Overlord or Necromancer (with full drone count and high health) to cover the bullet with their drones as it travels towards the enemies.

A rammer build could be achieve by this class too, like any other Destroyer classes. Using its recoil plus the knockback of the explosion in case the bullet hits anything, it would be much easier to catch the target and ram them. Just remember to get out using the same method of chasing enemies in case the danger is there.


  • The Blaster's cannon (as well as from its predecessor) appears to be similar to the Destroyer Dominator’s cannon.
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