The Blazing Booster is a Gladiator Boss that has a 5% chance to replace a Fallen Booster spawn, appropriately enough. Idea by Diepmon.


The Blazing Booster is a yellow Booster with three lighter yellow thunderbolt symbols on its body coming up from the bottom. Its 4 rear barrels are a darker gray than usual, and all bullets that come out the rear are an even darker gray and have a searing fire effect around them. The barrels themselves also shoot fire constantly. The front barrel's bullets have a sonic effect, as the Blazing Booster moves almost as fast as Overdrive.


The Blazing Booster is a very fast opponent, and while touching the bullets at the back do low damage, it will inflict Burning for 5 seconds. Touching the front bullets does low damage, but if you're touching those you're probably going to get hit by the Blazing Booster itself. Contact with the rear fire streams does high damage and also inflicts Burning for 7 seconds. Contact with the body inflicts high damage (big surprise) and also inflicts Burning for 9 seconds. This guy is a Fallen Booster on fire, think of it that way.

  • Fireball!: Increases speed and charges in a random direction for 6 seconds. Damage from bullets/contact with body increases by 1.5x during the charge.
  • Ring of Fire: Circles a tank or group of tanks so fast that he becomes a blur, then dashes inwards at the last moment to deal contact damage
  • Energix: Acts like a Fallen Booster, but will change targets from time to time and will turn around if too close to a team base. Usually lasts long periods of time.
  • Burnout: The flame streams emanating from his back barrels become more intense and longer, and he stops producing bullets from all barrels while he flies around like a rocket, taunting players by spinning at them and streaking by them.
  • Overture: Spins once to release a thick spread of weak but flaming Gunner bullets, then uses his sonic speed to bash them out at players.
  • Overload: Instigates an internal combustion outburst, releasing a heat wave from his body. Contact with it inflicts Slowing for 12 seconds and deals medium damage.


  • The art is an unused image for Overdrive.
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