The Blinkbulb is a polygon boss tank that has been added on 10/13/2017. Blinkbulb is based off of a lightbulb in real life, but with a few differences. Blinkbulb will blind the enemy and kill it in a blinking light of glory. Blinkbulb has a special ability, and eight regular Cannons.


The Blinkbulb features a Barrel grey tank body with a hole in the middle, and Eight Cannons around the tan in a Triple Twin fashion. The tank is surrounded by a yellow tinted glass sphere.


The Blinkbulb features 4,500 health, which is quite a bit above the normal polygon boss average, Which is 3,000. The Blinkbulb, upon death/destruction, gives the player that killed it 3,000 EXP, which is the exact same as the normal polygon boss average, which is a bit strange, as the usual polygone experience for tanks with 4,500 health is 45,000 EXP. Blinkbulb has the health regeneration of 20 health per second if left alone for 30 seconds. Blinkbulb has the speed of 2x the speed of a Fallen Booster, and has the same body damage as one.

Phase 1

Blinkbulb follows the nearest target. If it gets within 4 units of them, they blink, which turns the players screen white for 2 seconds, and then back to normal. Blinkbulb will teleport to the exact opposite of the map, or ram the tank. The best way to get rid of this phase is with a high reload Penta Shot.

Phase 2

When Blinkbulb is at 3,000 health, the glass shield shatters, and disappears. The Cannons now fire at all times.

= Cannons

The cannons have the same stats as a regular maxed out Triplet. Nothing else is changed.

Death Animation

Blinkbulb's cannons with swirl counterclockwise, and Blinkbulb will swirl into itself, and disappear.


  • Blinkbulb is one of my very few bosses with a death animation.
  • Blinkbulb is based off of a lightbulb.
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