Blitz, sometimes referred to as Blitz Mode is a game mode in which two teams of seven players spawn as Level 45 tanks and engage in a duel to the death.



All Stats remain the same, except for Max Health, which is increased by 25%, and Health Regen, which is non-existent.


The Map has four spawn locations, two on one side and two on the other. Each team (red and blue) takes up one side's spawn locations and randomly splits the tanks between them.

The map also has a central circle, called the Base.

All told, the map is the size of a Sandbox server with fourteen players in it. However, it does not decrease in size when players are killed.


Tanks spawn at Level 45 and cannot go any higher. After spawning, tanks have ten seconds to pick their tank class and upgrades. After that, the game begins.


Polygons spawn as normal in Blitz, but instead of granting XP, they award Bonus Points. A Square awards one, a Triangle two, and a Pentagon eight. Alpha Pentagons do not spawn. In the game, players can easily purchase Modules using these points (see below).


Nothing in the game awards XP and only Polygons award Bonus Points, which can be used to purchase Modules on a convenient menu at the bottom of the player's screen. It takes one hundred Points to buy a Module. Options include:

  • Health Boost. Heals 25% of the tanks health.
  • Super Stat. Improves one player-selected stat by 25% for thirty seconds.
  • Binoculars. Improves FoV for thirty seconds.
  • Invisibility Repellent. Grants the player the ability to see through invisibility for thirty seconds.
  • Hybrid. Gives the player two high-stat Drones that are invisibly reloaded. They last for thirty seconds.


A game of Blitz can be won two different ways: by either killing all the enemy tanks or staying on the base one minute. If a player of another team gets on the base, it is suspended. If at any time a player leaves the base, leaving it empty, they lose any progress they've made.

If neither condition is met at the end of seven minutes, the game ends in a Draw.


In playing Blitz, satisfaction arises not from getting a high score, but in defeating, along with one's teammates, an enemy force.


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