The Blunderbuss is a Tier 5 tank that upgrades from the Predator. It can further upgrade into the Flank Blunderbuss and the Huntmaster.


A large circle with an Annihilator cannon, and then a Destroyer cannon overlapping the top of the Annihilator cannon, with the cannon of a regular Tank overlapping that cannon. Note that it looks almost identical to the Predator, but of course, it is not. Note that the tank is slightly larger than the Annihilator.


  • Once had an error, but was fixed about a week after.
    • This "error" was a failure in the code that caused it to shoot automatically, and when set to Auto-Fire, it would not be able to fire and the game would crash.
    • It is unknown what the code was at the time before the error was fixed.


  • Nerfed, but then the developer remembered that it was a Tier 5 tank and put it back to normal on the very same day as it was nerfed.
  • It had been removed from Diep.io at some point in time, but was added back just an hour after.
  • Not a waffle tank.
    • It's a joke trivia part that I made here to crack you up when you had finished reading all the other stuff.
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