Forget it, I'm making another Level 60 tank after I said I would stop because I hated it. The Bodyguard is a Level 60 upgrade from the Overlord. Created by Zathsu.


The Bodyguard looks like an Overlord, but has six small Drone Spawners on it, spaced evenly. On the tank itself is a black dot.


  • Plays a much more Team Support role than an offensive beast, but still has its uses in FFA.
  • The Crashers spawned by the Bodyguard can only be controlled if there are no bullets on screen.
    • Crashers will chase enemy bullets as to protect teammates, or you.
    • If they encounter Traps, they will ignore them.
    • If they encounter Drones, they will clash, and whichever is stronger wins.
  • Crasher count can be up to 30, enough to completely create a solid orbit around you.
  • Six Crashers spawn at a time.
  • Crashers are slightly stronger than a Battleship, but these ones do not randomly disappear like the Battleship's Crashers.
  • When you are in danger (less than 33% HP), the black dot will open, and an Auto Turret will appear on top you, and begin firing at the closest thing. Once you reach 66% HP, the Auto Turret will vanish. It has the same strength as an Auto Gunner's turret.


  • I had the random idea to make this tank.
  • Is my third (and hopefully last) Level 60 tank (I don't really like the idea of Tier 5 tanks). My prior two were the Cloaker and the Warper.
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