The Bomber is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Destroyer. Original idea and art by Graviatar. Integrated by Diepmon.


Towards the front, it has a trapezoid whose base is as wide as the body, yet it tapers down to the width of a Destroyer barrel at its other end. On that base, there is one tiny rectangle on each edge attached to the base.


An example of the bomb this tank fires.

The Bomber has 80% of the Destroyer's reload, but instead of firing bullets, it fires rounded squares that explode upon hitting something, whether it is a tank, drone, other ammunition, or a polygon.


The bomb in motion.

The explosion does 60% of the damage of a normal Destroyer bullet, but has a base explosion radius of 2.5 tiles. In addition, it releases eight bullets that go flying away from the blast point. Each of these bullets does the same damage as a basic tank's bullet, and is affected by upgrades. With this tank, bullet penetration becomes explosion radius (it still affects the penetration of the bullets released post-explosion.) With each upgrade point, the explosion radius is increased by 0.5 tiles.

The bomb's explosion.


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