The Bomber 2 is an upgrade to the Trapper. It replaces the Launchers with Droppers, which launch bombs instead of Traps.


The Bomber features a circular tank with a Dropper instead of a Launcher. The Dropper launches bombs that look similar to Traps, except they have 4 points instead of 3, and they explode when anyone gets near them. You can also right-click to make all of your bombs explode at the same time.


  • Bombs are considerably slower than Traps.
  • Firing rate is decreased in comparison to the Trapper.
  • Droppers give a little more recoil than Launchers.
  • The bombs have penetration and damage themselves, and can kill 2 max penetration and damage Drones until being destroyed.
  • The bombs last about as long as a Mega Trapper's Trap.
  • When Bombs are destroyed, they explode.


Bomb (exploding)
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