The Boomerang is a Tier 3 tank that is an upgrade to the Twin. It can further evolve into the Autorang, Chakram, Shaman and Dragonfly. When upgraded to the boomerang, speed is passively decreased, reload is slowed and penetration and damage is increased. Any upgrades stating 'bullet' i.e. bullet speed will be replaced to boomerang velocity, boomerang power, boomerang sharpness and boomerang throw delay. FoV is increased to that of a Hunter


This tank possesses a unique barrel that launches spinning boomerang projectiles. Left clicking whilst a projectile is mid-flight to send it spinning back at the player who fired it. The boomerang has one of, if not the highest penetration of any projectile. This can be useful when attacking drone classes, as the projectile is ideal for shearing through a drone shield and killing the Overseer that is hiding behind it. 


Because of the high penetration of the tank, the Boomerang could be considered a counter to the Overseer, which is a main predator of other tier 3 tanks. This branch probably requires the most skill of any tier 3 branch to wield effectively, as what the player needs to do when using the tank to maximise chances of a one-shot kill is to fire the projectile at the player, then once the boomerang has completely pierced through the player left-click as soon as possible to send it spinning back through them, hopefully one-shotting most bullet build tanks. It should be wary of long-distance bullet spammers, though, as a storm of bullets would probably kill it faster than anything else.


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