The Boomstick is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from Shotgun. It fires even more bullets per shot.


The Boomstick features a circular body and a weapon similar to the Shotgun, except it was overlapped by a trapezoidal base.


The Boomstick now fires even more bullets upon upgrading from the Shotgun. The number of bullets per shot ranges from 12 to 15 bullets. For compensation, though, Bullet Damage, Bullet Penetration and Reload are all slightly decreased.


  • Strong Against: Nearby tanks, tanks with slow speed, groups of tanks, Sniper and Assassin (if not too far), Hunter.
  • Weak Against: Far-away tanks, Overseer branch (especially if drones are scattered) excepting Battleship, High reload tanks.

Much like the Shotgun, the Boomstick relies more on distance to become more effective against enemies. The closer the enemies, the higher the chance that the Boomstick can deal high damage.

Sniper branch tanks particularly Overseer can defeat the Boomstick due to their range. Depending on the Overseer's tactic, the Boomstick may find a hard time to eliminate most, if not all of its drones to make the Overseer vulnerable. However, the Assassin and Hunter branch tanks can be an easy target once the Boomstick approached them, as both tanks cannot deal enough damage in a short time. The Boomstick must be


  • It is perhaps one of the playable tanks that fires the most number of bullets in the game.
    • This is also one of the few tanks to have a random number of bullets per shot.

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