The Borer is one of the current Tier 4 Tank upgrades that may be able to upgrade from from the Pelletgun at level 45. The Borer may not upgrade any further as it is at the end of its tank branch. Idea by Enigmium, Khitrish, and Tacocat247, DO NOT STEAL.


The Borer features a circular tank body as a base a short Cannon mounted onto the front with two long Gunner Cannons mounted on top of the shorter one. Compared to its predecessor, the Pelletgun, the Cannons are twice as long.


The Borer features Gunner Cannons, which should be obvious since it comes from the Gatling branch. From the Pelletgun, FoV is increased to that of a Sniper and Reload is decreased to that of a Sniper. You could call this the Assassin of the Gatling Branch.

  • FOV (Field of View) is increased.
  • Reload is slightly decreased.


  • The term Borer is not someone who makes you bored. It comes from a person who's profession is to drill holes.
  • This Tank and Punt Gun switched names.
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