Boss Frenzy but Frenzier is a gamemode based off Boss Frenzy. Created by Fall Out Wave. Based off an idea by Zathsu.


Most things are exactly the same as Boss Frenzy. However, the preparation time has been reduced to 5 minutes, the game does not end after the boss is killed (another 5 minute timer will take the place of the health bar) and you can respawn during battle with the boss.

Bosses spawned here do not contribute to Achievements, requirements for other gamemodes/boss spawns/events, or generally anything that contributes to game progress. It's just endless boss slaying. Unlike Endless Defense however, bosses don't spawn like crazy. The spawn pool is much, much, MUCH wider though, as documented below...

Possible bosses

Anything in here. Yes, anything.


There isn't a real strategy on how to play this gamemode. Just do what you normally do best and hope the spawned boss isn't ridiculously OP.


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