The Boss Party game mode is a game mode that allows players to control otherwise unplayable bosses and fallen tanks. Non-Playable bosses also spawn more frequently, and have the color of the team they participate in. The upgrade tree of this game mode is different from the classic one.


Players spawn either on the red base or the blue base, defining their team.

This game mode as a x10 exp multiplier, and the max level players can reach is 100.

All players spawn as level 1 big yellow squares known as the Parent, that has no defense excepting their color, that confuses players of the enemy team. This tank can be upgraded at level 5 into either a Crasher, a Automatic Triangle, a Micro Summoner or into a Fallen.

Exclusive Tanks

Most of the tanks used in this game mode are exclusively used for it.


The Parent is a yellow square that is two times bigger than their polygon

counterpart. They are the only tank that cannot be identified without shooting it. It has no turrets and can't upgrade it's stats. It can be upgraded into a Crasher, Automatic Triangle, Micro Summoner or a Fallen.


As a Parent

As a parent, you must try to crash into pentagons and upgrade the most quickly possible, try to avoid enemy players at all costs, and keep close to your higher level teammates.

Aganist a Parent

Aganist a parent, you must chase it and fire. They can't defend themselves, soo look out for enemy players that could join the fight. Kill them the quickest possible before they can upgrade.

Defending a Parent

If you end up defending one of these tanks, you must make sure that it stays away from the enemy bullets and behind you. Try to delay the fight rather than just killing the opponent soo the Parent as time to escape. Do not fight high level players, as it is not worth the risk.


The fallens are quick tanks that look similar to their normal counter part. Their body color is gray, but you can tell their team based on the color of their turrets. These can be upgraded into Fallen Boosters or Fallen Overlords [W.I.P]

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