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Boss Rush is a new gamemode by me, Kacperlupa.polska. It's somewhat similar to (now deleted) Boss Frenzy and Boss Frenzier.


All players are blue. Well, that was quick.


  • The map is as big as 3 Fortress rooms. On bordres there are Fortress walls, so the entire map is one big castle.
  • Players will spawn with level 45 to quickly get in action.
  • On start of the server and one minute after killing boss, a random boss from list below on this page is chosen.
  • When someone dies, he respawns somewhere on map, but not close to the boss or on the boss.


Boss List

Normal Bosses

  • 2x Guardian
  • 2x Summoner
  • 2x Defender
  • Fallen Booster and Fallen Overlord

User-created Bosses

  • Leviathan by Graviatar
  • Guardian X by Zathus
  • Battle Carrier by Graviatar
  • Random Son of Panzer(can't be The Lich, The Judicator, The Octagon or The Tactician) by Zathsu or Diepmon
  • Random Guardian Boss(if it's Wallflower, some walls appear in the middle) by Zathsu and one random normal boss

Other Bosses


  • Don't read this page. It's terrible. First conceptions are nearly always bad.