The Boss Spawner Protector is an AI Controlled Tank that spawns only in the Boss Invasion Gamemode


The BSP Features a Smasher Body with many guns as "Arms" they do not shoot, with a ton of launchers and spawners with a VERY powerful gun the in the center.


  • It will target the nearest player, it has the detection range of a Streamliner.
  • It can 3 shot an Alpha Pentagon.
  • Its middle bullet goes as fast as an Arena Closers bullet
  • When in normal mode it goes 2x faster then a Mothership.
  • When its in "Escort mode" (To prevent the normal bosses from getting spawnkilled, yes it happens) it goes 75% the speed of an Arena closer.


  • It is the toughest non-boss AI tank (Minus Arena Closers, and base protectors) in the Game
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