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This page details all bosses found in The Extended Tale of Diep add-on expansion to The Tale of Diep. If you want to add your boss to the EToD, message me on my wall for review, or I'll ask you on your message wall or the boss page.

Unless otherwise noted, all bosses on this page were created by Diepmon.



The Crusader.

Sons of Panzer

Sons of Panzer in the Extended Tale of Diep are exactly like their mainstream counterparts. No questions asked. For more information, go to the mainstream Sons of Panzer page.

Knights of Panzer


The Dreadshot.

A special group of Sons of Panzer, somewhat stronger but not by much. Have 1 initial attack, 3 standard abilities, 1 ultimate ability, and 1 passive ability. See Fortress Conquest for more information.

Polygon Bosses

Aquamarine TrueGuardian

The True Guardian.

These ones are polygon bosses. Enough said.

  • Triad -
    Kite Boss
  • Custodian -
    Clutter Boss
  • Varp -
    Warper Boss
  • Darter -
    Knocker Boss
  • Stickler -
    Sticker Boss
  • Spearhead -
    Streaker Boss
  • Reflector -
    Mimicker Boss
  • NRG -
    Striker Boss
  • Putooe -
    Spitter Boss
  • Jaeger -
    Plaege Boss
  • Radial -
    Split Boss
  • Cutter -
    Separator Boss
  • True Guardian-
    Green Pentagon Boss (Made by AwesomeAquamarine)
  • Sassafras (Extended Tale of Diep version)
  • Battery (Hendecagon Boss)
  • Engulfer (Dodecagon Boss)

Gladiator Bosses



Like normal Gladiator Bosses, they spawn every 10-30 minutes in the Arena. However, some spawn under special means.

Polygon Disciples

EToD Hendre'ka

Hendre'ka, Disciple of the Hendecagons.

Work like other mainstream Polygon Disciples, boss summoning, Polygon Fortresses, etc.

Sassa Club


The Sassa Club.

The "messengers" of Lord Sassafras, spawning under very interesting conditions in a cycle. All are collaborations between Taco and Diepmon.

The High Sassa Council (Lord Sassafras's Subordinates)


Sassafrexen, The First Subordinate.

An octet of even greater special and powerful Hesperians appointed by Lord Sassafras, with the latter four being created by the former, who in turn was created by Lord Sassafras himself. They possess above-average power and strength, comparable to the Mega Realm Bosses.

  • Sassafrexen (The First Subordinate, Secretary and Sassa Club Overseer)
  • Oculus (The Second Subordinate, He With the All-Seeing Eye)
  • Trinovia (The Third Subordinate, The Gatekeeper to the Realm of Sassafras)
  • Derpii (The Fourth Subordinate, Master of Blarney and Archiver of Hesperia) (Made by Taco)
  • Spicyfras (The Fifth Subordinate, Representative of All Hesperians)
  • Hatappy (The Sixth Subordinate, The Tailor of Hesperians)[1]
  • Lauraceae (The Seventh Subordinate, High Commander of the Legion of the Lord)
  • Señor Sassaprophet (The Eighth Subordinate, Purported Vizier of IE Energy)

Legion Commanders

The ten commanders of the Legion of the Lord, "enlightened" by Lord Sassafras and enhanced with the power of IE Energy to lead the army that protects IE-energy gathering Sassafras throughout The Realm.

Mega Realm Bosses

Work like ToD Realm Bosses, some mechanics still need to be worked out. However, they are significantly stronger than normal Realm Bosses and have multiple phases, or they come in a group or set.

Legendary Bosses

Era Bosses


Lord Sassafras.

Event Bosses

Lesser Sons


The Massblast.

Sometimes spawn outside of Fortresses in the Realm in place of Defensive Turrets.



  1. Not available to be fought.
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