This page enlists all Bosses included in GellyPop's AU. Also includes the three original Polygon Bosses.


All these Bosses are based on Polygons, and they all have the same chance of spawning (along with Fallen Bosses) except those based on Green Polygons, as they may only spawn at a very low chance by replacing the Boss that is supposed to spawn (excluding Crasher based ones), making them almost a secret. They can spawn in any game modes except Maze. Bosses can have either one of the three AIs: "Spin-Patrol" (used by Summoner, Defender, and Fallen Overlord), "Direct-Patrol" (used by Guardian), and "Charger" (used by Fallen Booster). Excluding those that use Charger AI, which may lead them to a different direction, all Bosses follow a certain path in the arena.

Normal Polygon Bosses

All of these Bosses can spawn with equal chances (along with Fallen Bosses).

Guardian of the Pentagons

Given the title "Protection Elitist, Guardian of the Pentagons", this large Crasher has a massive respect towards the Pentagons and its populated nest. As such, it has a grim hatred toward the tanks who abuse the purple Polygons' defenselessness, as they only rely on their Crasher patrol. The Guardian has only one spawner that spawns Crasher-like drones at an insane rate, making it one of the feared entities among them.


The "Yellow Amassment, Summoner" is called by that due to its ability to make a cloud of Square drones from its spawners. There is a spreading rumor that it might be just a Necromancer that somehow surpassed the limit of its powers and gained new strength. Nevertheless, it was still loyal towards the Polygons, especially the yellow Squares. As stated before, it has four spawners that each creates Square drones.


This Triangle Boss carries the title "Iron Crimson, Defender" for a reason. It is best described as a portable and mobile form of a defense fort that can obliterate any intruders while protecting itself from the barricade of traps it disposes. It has three medium-sized trap launchers on its sides, and three auto turrets on its body that each can attack independent targets at once.


Known by its title, "Curse of Revenge, Witch", this Pentagon Boss was called by that name not because it uses some sort of magic or dark alchemy, but by its motivating morale with its somewhat unnoticeable charm that makes other Polygons fight for their kind. As such, Polygons that happen to become near it will act as its drones and actively protect it. The Witch also has five auto turrets for its self protection, just in case it cannot find Polygons. It uses Spin-Patrol AI.


This Crasher Boss may be reckless, but the "Brutal Pink, Roadgrinder" fears nothing. Improving the characteristics of what a real Crasher is, and knowing the deadliness of its Body Damage, the Roadgrinder is ready to charge down anything and crash towards them. As such, it has a large Destroyer cannon and two Machine Gun cannons on its back, which is used to propel itself. It uses Charger AI.


The "Prominence of Morale, Commander", is somewhat a dictator when it comes to the Square society. However, there is no need to disobey when the order is to stop the tanks' shooting rampage. Even if the only method is sacrificing themselves, it must be done. The Commander uses four auto turrets, one on each side of it. It can also turn nearby Squares into its drones. It uses Spin-Patrol AI.

Triangular Haven

Called by its title "Trinity Fortress, Triangular Haven", this Boss knows the pain and misery felt by not just Triangles, but the other Polygons as well. With this, it offered its own strength and power to protect those who were being slain by tanks without just cause. Some compared the Haven to the Defender, although the former says nothing about which is better. The Triangular Haven uses three Machine Gun auto turrets on its sides and a Tri-Trapper auto turret on its body. It uses Spin-Patrol AI.


It wasn't entitled as "Destruction's Embodiment, Cannoneer" for no reason. It used to be an ordinary Alpha Pentagon, but it was a lucky one, for it survived against many tanks while waiting for the response of nearby Crashers. As such, it managed to confiscate the tank's weapons, and turn them into what it is now. The Cannoneer uses three Destroyer cannons on each side, making a total of 15 Destroyer cannons. It uses Spin-Patrol AI.

Roadgrinder Mk. II

An upgrade to its predecessor, the "Returning Destruction, Roadgrinder Mk. II" has been made for more death of tanks. The major problem that the original encountered was its inability to properly attack Trappers, on which it mostly get destroyed. It was also made to be more of a patroller than an aggressive riot-starter, to lessen the damage intensity it might receive. As such, it now has a Skimmer Flank auto turret on its body. It still retained the Destroyer cannon on its back, but not the Machine Gun cannons. It uses Direct-Patrol AI.


The "Punishing Quad, Bruiser" is that kind of a Square Boss that finds enjoyment on hurting the tanks. Using the same innovations that the tanks made to create the Slimer, the Bruiser is a maniac torturer that slows down both the tanks' movement and their time of agony. This Boss has a huge auto turret that holds four Slimer auto turrets on its body. A Square drone Spawner is also on its back. It uses Direct-Patrol AI.

Delta Sieger

True to its title, the "Prototype Scarlet, Delta Sieger" is a test machine for a more advanced Polygon defense system. However, it is yet to be known what is its successor. Many assume it was the Defender, although nobody knows what is it. It's a top secret for its engineers. Nevertheless, it was already an effective and powerful weapon despite being incomplete in terms of creation. It has a Destroyer cannon for each of its sides, and a Quad auto turret on its body. It uses Spin-Patrol AI.

Pentagon Judgement

The "Justice of the Alpha, Pentagon Judgement" was already tired off and fed up by the inflating cases of abusing the Alpha Pentagon's weaknesses. Unfortunately, even though it is a lawyer of the Polygon society court, there are already too many cases to count that even a judge would not bother minding of, and tanks are not those who simply waits for the final decisions with patience. With no other ways to solve this, the Pentagon Judgement has to avenge his kind on the hard way. This Boss has three auto turrets on its back-most side, and drone spawners on its left and right backsides. It has a large Rocketeer auto turret on its body, and a small Quad auto turret positioned more to the front. It uses Charger AI.

Neon Valkyrie








Fuchsia Dragon








Cherry Boomer


Sky Fortress


Edge Maw


Bulky Stealthist


Green Polygon Bosses

Being based on Green Polygons, these Bosses spawn in an extremely rare chance. They may replace the supposed Boss to actually spawn, as long as the normal Boss is the same based Polygon with the Green Polygon Boss.


Titled as "Striking Silence, Suppressor", this large Green Square learned something why they are being used by tanks, and those that have green colors are crazed on. It rather remains silent and does not tell what it is. It uses a combination of four Square drone spawners and four trap launchers to defend itself. It uses Spin-Patrol AI.


As the "Bringer of Ballistophobia, Stormcaster", this Green Triangle Boss has one major task. With its namesake done by its massive hell of bullets, it is going to make sure tanks will fear bullets and never use weapons again. It uses a large Octo auto turret on its body, and a Predator cannon setup on each corner. It uses Spin-Patrol AI.

Barge of the Polygons

The legendary creation of the Polygons, titled as "Catastrophe of the Urban Skies, Barge of the Polygons", this is one of the most feared weapons that the tanks had ever faced. Meant as a transportation vehicle with special use during attacks, the engineers of this was alarmed by the tanks' uncontrolled destroying of the Polygons. To make sure every Polygon is safe within it, it is equipped with a Streamliner cannon setup on the front corner, two normal auto turrets on the front sides, a large Quad Assassin cannon on its body, and the Barge's real destruction armament, three spawners that spawns explosive drones. Enough to drive many tanks right away. It uses Charger AI.

Quadrilateral Scourge

The "Terror of Dreadfulness, Quadrilateral Scourge" is a Green Square that is rumored to be undead. While it is either truth or a myth, some says that a Necromancer who enslaved it as one of its drones tried to study upon it. However, the tank's control doesn't completely override the Green Square's mind, and managed to persuade the other Squares to break free from control. They succeeded, but at the cost of the Scourge's life. Using what remains from the beaten up Necromancer, the yellow Squares resurrected their green friend, and vowed to do whatever the Scourge commands them to. This Boss uses eight Square drone spawners placed on the sides and corners. It can also turn nearby Squares into its drones, which have separate limit count. It uses Spin-Patrol AI.


It's not the weird name that matters. The "Execution Point, Tollkeeper" has been known for its notorious punishments to those that moves too fast. While it may forgive some, its patience always run out when a Tri-Angle burns the grids down. And unfortunately for tanks, this has made the Green Triangle Boss furious not just on the speedster, but almost all of them. It uses three auto turrets on each side, making up a total of nine auto turrets. It also has a large auto turret on its body that is equipped with eight Battleship drone spawners. It uses Spin-Patrol AI.

Supreme Stronghold

Without its large barrier-building arsenal, the "Exoskeleton of Polygon's Defense, Supreme Stronghold" will never be titled as such. Created based on proposed improvements that can be done to the Defender, it was originally a test creation. After evaluating the results, the Supreme Stronghold was, with no further ado, unleashed to create havoc upon the tanks. It has two trap launchers for each side, and an auto turret between those. There is also five auto turrets placed above the Stronghold's corners. Lastly, a huge auto turret that holds three Triplet auto turrets is on its center.


This once peaceful Green Square has mutated into a terrible mutant of death after a mysterious incident. What makes it considered as "Spreading Horror, Uirusu" is that other Squares also goes savage as it approaches, making them vile entities that charge towards whoever attacked their kind. As such, tanks are feared whenever they hear that name. Uirusu has four trap launchers on its sides and four Destroyer cannons on the corners, and it can turn nearby Squares into its drones. It uses Spin-Patrol AI.

Night Assailant

The "Fearful Stealh, Night Assailant" is a notorious entity among the tanks. After stalking a Stalker that got destroyed by a Destroyer, no joke intended, it managed to confiscate the remaining weapon. This has allowed it to do sneaky methods of killing, combined with its other odd weapons. It uses three large Machine Gun auto turrets and six normal auto turrets around its sides. It also uses a large Stalker auto turret on its body. This Boss can become invisible. It has an odd behavior compared to other Bosses, but it generally uses Spin-Patrol AI.

Chieftain of the Horde

Considered as the mighty leader of the Polygons, the "Polygon's Legend, Chieftain of the Horde" has done multiple heroic actions, at least towards the Polygons. It shows kindness towards all Polygons regardless of their characteristics and behavior. And in return, they also pay respect to it, even including the mutant Uirusu and the vengeful Cannoneer. It has three Battleship drone spawners on its front, four normal auto turrets on its left and right front sides. It also has a big Slimer auto turret on its body positioned more to the front. Four trap launchers and two Destroyer cannons are on its left and right backsides. Two large Skimmer auto turrets are on its back-most side. Lastly, it can also turn nearby Polygons into its drones. It uses Direct-Patrol AI.


The following Bosses are ones that have unknown or obscure stories and origins. It is yet to known if they are intended to appear right away and be encountered, or just a nightmare...


What is this... thing? It doesn't seems to have a steady state of physical appearance, nor a behavior of a Polygon entity. It is as if it was something that shouldn't exist, but it did... Who created it is unknown to anyone, although nobody bets anyone did it. And to make matters creepier, some eerie presence is around when it comes... Perhaps the title "Glitch" seems to fit it, but letting the entity know it must be prevented, or else... "G!`t4h" ®'!! ÷'!! %v%ry(n%, %v%n y(±...





  • The Bosses are the only entities within GellyPop's concepts that details some sort of lore within the world of
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