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On this page there are some bosses made by Kacperlupa.polska. If you want to know how do they work, check out this page. Also, Diepmon added some of them to his page, so also check it.

Boss Tanks

The Dark Knight.

Son of Panzer

Lesser Sons

These guys have a 30% chance of spawning near Fortresses as mini-bosses in addition of Defensive Turrets, and they need to be killed to enter the Fortress. They are boss versions of Tier 3 tanks.

The Hydra.

Note: I will not make a Boss Destroyer, Assasin, Smasher and Tri-angle, because they are already Boss Tanks in either ToD or EToD.

The Speaker.

The Forgottens

These bosses will randomly spawn as basic bosses, like the fallen ones. They are more powerful than them but less powerful than Gladiator Bosses (see Zathus's page). Note: Bosses with * can only spawn with other Forgottens. That means you can have two times more trouble!

The Forgottens' battle theme: https://soundcloud.com/robert-lupa-245200465/theforgottens

Ultra Bosses

They spawn sometimes in Boss Rush gamamode. There are very powerful and have multiple phases of fight.

Event Bosses

The Black Beast.

Unlike ToD ones, they appear in specific gamemodes, but aren't as hard and/or important as Legendary Bosses.

Realm Bosses

Zathsu's Joke Bosses

They were removed from ToD, so noone remembers them. :(

Polygon Bosses

Fusion Bosses

They are boss forms of two polygons fused together. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Spearhead (Fusion of Triangle and Square)
  • Traptagon (Fusion of Triangle and Pentagon)
  • Penturret (Fusion of Square and Pentagon)
  • Hexabash (Fusion of Square and Hexagon)
  • Barrangle (Fusion of Triangle and Hexagon)
  • Beehive (Fusion of Pentagon and Hexagon)


  • Yes, I know that some names for Lesser Sons may sound stupid, but as native Polish speaker I may not know some cool/interesting/epic/good sounding names. Keep it in mind.