"Hunt for bounty and be the first to get the most, but don't let others steal it."
Bounty Hunt is a game mode in, where players must find and destroy 'bounty' polygons and reach the required number of 'bounty' points to win the game. The leaderboard shows the top ten players that have the highest number of bounty points.


Bounty Hunt is similar to Free for All, with some differences:

  • Players are tasked to gain bounty points, which replaces scoring of FFA, 2 Teams, 4 Teams, Maze and Sandbox. A total of 150 bounty points is required to win the game.
    • Players must find for bounty polygons, shapes that have white color and gives bounty points upon destruction, along with exp.
      • Each polygon has different chances to be a bounty polygon when spawned and the points they give.
        • Square has 1/8 chance, and gives 1 bounty point.
        • Triangle has 1/16 chance, and gives 3 bounty points.
        • Pentagon and Alpha Pentagon have 1/32 chance, and gives 5 and 15 bounty points, respectively.
        • Green polygons that happened to be bounty polygons will have a pale-green color. However, destroying them only gives the amount of bounty points based on their shape, and such no multiplier or bonus point is given.
        • Crashers never spawn as bounty polygons.
      • These polygons still retain their normal characteristics as normal or green polygons.
        • However, if a player reaches the target bounty points, all bounty polygons disappear as how any entity in the game is destroyed, and they will not respawn until the server is renewed.
    • Players can also gain bounty points by killing other players. However, for compensation, they will receive a divided amount of the victim tank's total bounty points, depending on the level of the tank that killed it.
      • If the killing tank has a Level between 1 and 9, it will receive full amount of total bounty points, no matter what or how they kill the target.
      • A killing tank between Level 10 to 18 receives 4/5 of the total bounty points.
      • Between Level 19 to 27 gives half (1/2) of the total bounty points.
      • Level 28 to 35 is 2/5 total bounty points.
      • Level 36 to 45 is 1/5 total bounty points.
    • Players killed by other players would lose 2/3 of their bounty points upon respawn, no matter the tank's level.
    • If the player dies but not from other players (e.g. hitting a polygon while in low health), they would lose 1/4 of their bounty points when they respawn.
    • An arrow that points to the leader (who has the highest bounty points) shows up, just like in any other game mode.
  • Gaining exp is three times faster.
  • Bosses can still spawn, but the timer is much longer. Killing them awards 50 bounty points.
  • Invincibility upon spawning is much longer, unless the player moves or attack (manually).


  • The player should farm any Polygons they see, especially if those are Bounty Polygons.
  • If possible, one should try fighting and killing other players while at lower level, as they provide most amount of bounty points. However, don't engage if it might cause bullet storms that might be hard for the player to dodge in and therefore, they might kill them.
  • Consider using classes with high DPS/reload, as they provide high chance of getting bounty points faster. Classes that uses other types of ammunitions (drones, traps) or ramming might less likely obtain bounty points faster.


  • Weirdly, instead of having only a white color, 'green' (rare) bounty polygons have a pale-green color.
  • Necromancers can turn a bounty square into one of its minions, with its color much paler than a normal drone.
    • Turning a green bounty square into a Necromancer's drone will have a color being similar to a green normal square.
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