The Buddy is a Tier 2 tank that upgrades from Tank. It spawns a single AI Factory drone that protects it. It may upgrade further to Trainer or Pounder.


The Buddy features a circular body, a regular cannon on front and a spawner on back.


The Buddy functions as the same with Tank. However, the Buddy has an uncontrollable Factory drone that helps the tank itself. This is spawned from the back of the tank with its spawner, and it is stronger than normal Factory's drones.


The Buddy acts more like its predecessor, save for its drone companion. It is best to have the drone help you when fighting others, by trying to get close so the drone can detect the enemies. Alternatively, drones will automatically attack when the player's tank that controls them was hit, although this isn't recommended since the bullets might be too powerful to kill it.

Try to avoid higher level tanks, as well as some that can shoot bullets in fast rate. The Twin and Machine Gun can possess some threat, but the Flank Guard and Sniper should be easier to take down (unless the former uses a ramming build).


  • Its name is most likely because of the tank's accompany, the Factory drone.

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