Bullet Bending is a special ability only some tanks can use, which allows them to control their bullets. It is similar to using drones, but also completely different. Created by SomeCatchyName.

NOTE: There may be references to some non-existent tanks without a link. Those are my future tanks, I haven't made the pages yet.


Tanks with this ability have two semi-circles on their sides, kind of like an Overseer, but instead of the trapezium on their sides, there is a semi-circle with the curve facing outwards (if anyone can make some art, that would be great). The tanks then also have barrels and other weapons, like any other tank. Bendable bullets are not circles like normal bullets - instead, they are slightly oval shaped.


So how exactly does it work? Well, it's actually quite simple. Left clicking (or using auto-fire) fires bullets like normal. Actually, not quite completely normal because the bullets will not always go in a straight line. All bullets fired by a Bullet Bending tank will always go away from the tank (unless right click is pressed, we'll come on to that soon). Basically, it's like being an Overlord and constantly right clicking on yourself. Except instead of drones, your bullets will go away from you. Yes, I know it's confusing. But it's important. You'll see why.

You may be wondering how that can be helpful in any way. It can't. It's just there because without it this idea wouldn't work. Speaking of which, here is the idea. Upon pressing right click, all of your bullets that are currently in the air will change direction and go towards your cursor. You may think this is really OP because there is no limit to how many bullets you can shoot. Well, to you I say just one word: Trappers. If you're still confused, what I mean is that the bullets will disappear after a while.

Bullets can overlap, but if this happens, they will just merge to make one normal bullet that does normal damage. If you do not press right click, bullets will act like normal bullets (except they move away from you, as mentioned earlier). The reason it is important that bullets always move away from you is that when you control a Bullet, and then let it go before it disappears, it will need somewhere to go. If any of this doesn't make sense, just ask.

So I guess it isn't that simple after all :P


  • Strong against: Tanks with low reload (e.g. Snipers, Destroyer); tanks with no defence from the back (e.g. Triplet, Destroyer, Snipers)
  • Weak against: Octo-tank, Pentashot, Spreadshot, Tanks with high reload (e.g. Triplet, Machine Gun)

The main way to get kills with bendable bullets is to flank your enemies. Fire bullets either side of them and maybe a few in the middle, then right click on the enemy and let the bullets do the rest. The Flanker and its upgrades are very good at this, but any tank will do.

  • Try not to merge your bullets together, as this will waste a lot of bullets.
  • Remember that your defence is almost as bad as a Sniper's defence, which means it's terrible. Don't get too close to powerful enemies. Most tanks with this ability have a bigger FOV, like a Sniper, so use that FOV wisely.



There are currently 7 tanks that use Bullet Bending:

  • Magician
  • Flanker, Gunner Flanker and Tri-Flanker
  • Healer and Medic
  • Sorcerer


There are currently no mini-bosses with this ability.


  • Usually, when a tank has this ability, they get a reload nerf.
  • They also often get a penetration increase.
  • The entire Magician branch has this ability.
  • Created by SomeCatchyName
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