Bullet Hell is a gamemode that involves Dr. Lacus and Missiles, Oh Joy.

Lore / Background Info

Missiles were originally made by an anonymous scientist who intended missiles to be used to protect Team Bases... that was until Dr. Lacus got his grubby hands on them. Dr, Lacus Took the missiles and made them bigger and stronger... much stronger.

Standard Enemies

All of the enemies in this game mode come in the form of Missiles.

Standard Missile Launcher

Missile Launcher

This is a standard missile launcher, it shoots Skimmer bullets, this was the version made by the So-said anonymous scientist. The Launcher itself looks like a Trapper without the line through it. These function like auto turrets, and cannot be destroyed. The Bullets it shoots, however, can be destroyed.

Red Missiles / Tank Seeking Missiles


This is the same as the previous one, except it shoots red, blinking missiles that home on the enemy.

Gold Missiles


Gold Missiles are the last type of missile that the unknown scientist made before disappearing. The turret itself is now yellow. These missiles are the same as Normal Missiles, but put out higher damage and move faster.

Dr. Lacus and missiles

With the ever so loving support of Dr. Lacus, he made these already Deadly things even more deadly!

Mega Missiles


This Missile is basically a larger counterpart to the Normal Missile Launcher. Careful, these things do an annihilators worth of damage. Each bullet also has Boosters, instead of A triangles turrets. The Base itself also looks more mechanical.

Giga Homing Missiles

This is the larger counter-part to the Homing Missiles. The Bullet itself now has an 'eye' and looks mechanical. As expected, the Bullet is Red.

Mega Gold Missiles

Giga Gold

The Giga version of the gold missile. This thing is so strong it can One-shot spikes. Careful!

The Boss

What's an enemy without a boss version of itself? I dunno.

The Boss is called King Missile. This thing is basically the Fallen Booster, but faster, and more devastating. The Boss with ruthlessly Slaughter players until destroyed. The Spawner itself sits in the middle, in the pentagon nest. The launcher can go off at any second, making the pentagon nest very risky. The Boss has A Pentashot on its back, but it doesn't do much damage.

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