The Bulleter is a tank that upgrades from the Railgun at level 70. It doesn't upgrade any further, as it is the end of its branch.


The Bulleter features 3 very small Raiguns(each with 2 sidewalls/6 segments), being arranged like a Triplet. This is all connected to a circular body.


The Bulleter fires a bullet with size between the Auto Turret and Gunner bullets. This reduces damage to 3/4 of Basic. It shoots its bullets at Sniper-like speeds and has a 2.8 second reload per barrel thanks to making the bullet much lighter and a little bit slower. From the Railgun, it gets split into 3 smaller barrels arranged like a Triplet.


  • Arrasian engineers tried 2500 times before making a "spammer railgun" and failed. This is the closest they got to that.
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