A well-armed adversary, Bulletron inspires fear in his opponents. In fact, he uses intimidation almost as often as his four cannons, prefering to make tanks cower than actually kill them. If one tank enrages him, Bulletron will spend long periods of time trying to kill it, using every trick in his massive book. Due to his obvious weapon skill and can-do attitude, Bulletron is one of the foremost of the Elementals. However, he is still young compared with, say, Territe, and thanks to a well-deserved reputation of rashness, is rarely consulted in planning. Instead, Bulletron forms the tip of the elemental spear, a tip that is guided by wiser and older hands. Tanks who do not beware this tip are in for disaster.


Bulletron is the firstborn of the weapon Elementals. Because of this and the fact that he is Lord of Bullets (a weapon he believes superior to all others), Bulletron is a swaggering bully. He lords it over his younger siblings (particularly Trapasitis, whom he despises) and is often reprimanded by Caelis for his brazen arrogance, not that it does any good, for Bulletron is also one of the most stubborn of the Elementals. Once he sets his mind on something, it's near impossible to stop him. Bulletron is jealous of but one Elemental—his younger brother Dronavin, because of his sterling reputation with the elder Elementals.




Bulletron Cannon 1

One of Bulletron's possible cannon combinations.

Bulletron Cannon 2

Another combination.

Bulletron Cannon 3

Another combination.

Bulletron Cannon 4

Another combination.

Bulletron's body is a giant blue pentagon, emblazoned with a yellow lightning bolt as a symbol of his subservience to Caelis. His limbs are circles of the same shade and feature unique cannons, which Bulletron can change with a thought. However, one thing remains the same— each limb has a small Auto Turret on it. On top of his light dark blue head is a square teal helmet with a dark spike on top and dark side guards. The helmet also features a large blue jewel, two smaller red jewels on either side of it, and two even smaller green jewels on either side of those.


Bulletron does not have an extremely large health pool, as far as the Elementals go, but it is still more than, say, Trapasitis has.

His body has 124,000 Health and each of his four hands have 10,000. This makes for a grand total of 164,000 Health Points. He has a 10% resistance to damage. Health Regen is minuscule, to say the least. Each part regenerates 4 Health Points a second, unless Bulletron is left alone for two minutes, when it accelerates to 50 Health Points a second. However, this very rarely happens.

Bulletron carries four identical cannons, one with each hand/leg. Out of these spew lots and lots of bullets of varying sizes, shapes, abilities, and strengths.

Bulletron is very slow, about as fast as a no move speed Level 45 tank. However, he can use his recoil to gain additional speed, if necessary.

The Fight

Phase 1

After Bulletron spawns and the spawn message "Bulletron has awakened..." is broadcasted, Phase 1 begins. It lasts for two minutes. During this period, Buletron is invincible and cannot attack. Instead, he races around the arena five times as fast as normal, intimidating tanks and displaying his power, as well as offering them a chance to evacuate.

Phase 2

After the two minutes are up, Bulletron begins to really attack. The start of Phase 2 is signaled by the message "PREPARE TO DIE".



The Obliterator attack.

  • Obliterator. The Cannon fires a single MASSIVE bullet that does insane damage and penetration, but is very slow.
  • 50 Cal Sniper. The Cannon fires a single, medium-sized bullet with very high speed, damage, and penetration.
  • Split?. The Cannon fires a large bullet that sometimes splits and sometimes doesn't, depending on the target and their actions. The type of split varies heavily too.
  • No Survival. All four Cannons train on one tank and start firing as fast and powerfully as a maxed Sprayer.
  • Bullet Wall. The Cannon fires medium-damage bullets at a VERY high rate with low bullet speed in Penta Shot-style, forming a near-impenetrable wall of bullets.
  • Laser. The Cannon fires low-damage at an insanely fast rate, equal to four Streamliners at once.

The Cluster attack.

  • Cluster. The Cannon fires six powerful bullets in a tight cluster.
  • Detach Strike. One of the Cannons is detached and moves on its own, blocking a tank's retreat as the other pounds it into oblivion. Both use any kind of bullets necessary.
  • Boom. The Cannon fires a medium-speed VERY-high damage bullet.
  • Bullet Punch. The Cannon pauses firing, shudders, then blasts fifty medium-power bullets in a tight cluster with high speed. Very dangerous.
  • No Escape. All four Cannons fire at the same target, but instead of aiming directly at the target, they line up, forming a line of four cannons firing Destroyer bullets. This leaves the target little to know room for escape.
  • Missile. The Cannon fires a Skimmer bullet.
  • Speed Missile. The Cannon fires a Skimmer bullet with not one but two sets of booster-barrels.
  • Ballistic Missile. The Cannon goes into the air and fires a high-speed bullet that is invisible most of the way towards its generally far-away target.
  • Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. Like the above, except virtually infinite range.
  • Mortar. The Cannon aims into the air and fires a very powerful but short-ranged invisibile bullet.
  • Frag Mortar. Same as the above, except that the bullet releases sixteen short-ranged fragments.

The High Explosive Mortar attack. The explosion is unique to this attack; the fragments are the same as in the Frag Mortar attack.

  • High Explosive Mortar. Same as the above, except that the bullet also explodes, increasing its damage and damage radius. Still has the fragments, too.
  • Penetrator. The Cannon fires a single, high-speed medium-damage bullet with infinite penetration.
  • Pellet. The Cannon fires large numbers of pellets, like those of a Gunner but more powerful.
  • Pellet Sweep. Like the above except twice as powerful and the Cannon, instead of firing at a fixed point, does a 180° sweep.

The Drill attack.

  • Drill. The Cannon fires four bullets in a sequence: first a small one, then a medium one, then a large one, then a Destroyer one.
  • Quadruple Quadruplet. Bulletron aims all four Cannons in the same area and lets loose; each Cannon is about equal to a Triplet, just with four barrels.
  • Invisible. Bulletron fires low-damage invisible bullets. Unaware players may get killed by this...
  • Mini Bullets. The Cannon fires Gunner-like pellets at a VERY rate, faster than two Triplets combined.
  • Star Destroyer. The Cannon fires a maxed Destroyer bullet.
  • Super Star Destroyer. The Cannon fires a more-than-maxed Annihilator bullet.
  • Drag. The Cannon fires bullets that slow down whoever they hit by 25%.
  • Intimidate. Bulletron gives all tanks, even those just killed, the option to join him.
  • Intimidate II. Bulletron gives all tanks, even those just killed, the option to return to full health. However, this makes them leave the server.

Phase 3

After Bulletron's hands lose all of their health, he enters Phase 3, after broadcasting the message, "You attack me, I slaughter you." During this phase, his hands are withered and black. They no longer absorb damage, but still fire bullets. His body has scars and cracks down it.

In Phase 3, Bulletron uses all his previous attacks, but becomes even more aggressive, chasing tanks and cutting them down with swathes of bullets. He also starts using a repitoire of a few new attacks. As if that wasn't enough, he starts summoning bosses and AI-controled tanks to aid him.

Summoning Order

This is the order in which Bulletron summons bosses and AI-controlled tanks.

  • Every 2,000 health lost, Bulletron summons two AI-controlled tanks. If he has enough health, the list repeats.
    • First, two Penta Shots.
    • Second, two Sprayers.
    • Third, two Annihilators.
    • Fourth, two Auto Gunners.
    • Fifth, two Triplets.
    • Sixth, two Spread Shots.
    • Seventh, two Auto 5s.
  • Every 4,000 health lost, Bulletron summons one boss.
    • There is no particular order to this. The bosses spawn randomly. However, the three following conditions always apply.
    • First, any standard boss can be spawned, but nothing more powerful.
    • Second, any boss that uses bullets is three times as likely to spawn.
    • Third, each type of boss spawns just twice.


  • Leech. The Cannon fires standard bullets that, if they hit the target, remain for ten seconds, doing five damage a second.
  • Channel. The Cannon fires bullets that channel health from nearby tanks, at the rate of ten health a second.
  • Whamer. Bulletron lifts one cannon into the air and slams it back to the ground, releasing a thick cloud of powerful bullets.

The Beam attack.

  • Beam. The Cannon fires a concentrated beam that deals 10 damage a second and can penetrate almost anything.
  • Whip. The same as the above, except the Beam reaches a fixed point and is then used as a whip, dealing fifty damage a hit.
  • Sword. The same as the above, except that the Beam is shorter and does not bend, dealing sixty damage a hit.
  • Knife. The same as the above, except that the Beam is even shorter and can be throw short distances, dealing fifty damage a hit.
  • Plague. The Cannon fires standard bullets, that if they touch a tank's drones/traps, will instantly kill ALL of their drones/traps.
  • Virus. The Cannon fires standard bullets, that if they touch a tank's bullets, will reduce that tank's bullet stats by half for one minute.
  • Booster. Three Cannons aim behind Bulletron with one firing forward. The rear Cannons fire low-damage Annihilator bullets at a high rate, while the front fires like a frontal Booster Cannon with medium stats. During this period, Bulletron does x2 ramming damage.
  • Fighter. Same as the above, except that the frontal Cannon is equal to a maxed regular tank's Cannon. Bulletron also does not get the ramming damage boost.
  • Blaster. The Cannon fires a single high-speed glowing bullet that does 100 damage and has immense penetration.
  • Snipe. All four Cannons train on one target, however far away, and fire VERY fast and powerful bullets at it.
  • Bonus Bullet. The Cannon fires standard bullets, which release one extra bullet with less damage but higher speed sometime in their flight.
  • Death. All four Cannons enter a mode similar to Penta Shot and attack one opponent/a group of opponents.
  • Fade. Bulletron teleports somewhere else and turns invisible for one minute, striking players with attacks like Invisible.
  • Percentage Strike. Bulletron fires special bullets that take away 20% of the player's health, regardless of how much they have.
  • Percentage Strike II. The same as the above, except that the bullets take away 40% of the player's remaining health.
  • Streamranger. The Cannon fires medium Ranger bullet as fast as a Streamliner.
  • The More the Better. The Cannon fires standard bullets that do more damage the more a tank has max health, body damage, or health regen.
  • Super Octo. Each Cannon splits into two and all the Cannons are locked out, in Octo Tank fashion. However, each Cannon is equal to a Fighter's cannon, massively improving deadliness.
  • Bullet Fort. Each Cannon aims in an opposite direction and fires massive numbers of SLOW but POWERFUL bullets in Penta Shot-style, except that the bullets last three times as long.
  • Spray-Killer. The Cannon fires like a maxed Machine Gun, but with twice as many bullets.
  • Area Denial. Each Cannon aims in an opposite direction and fires like a maxed Spread Shot.
  • Bullet Proof. Bulletron goes bullet proof for a brief period.
  • Bullet Ricochet. All bullets that hit Bulletron ricochet for a brief period.
  • Bullet Doom. All tanks within a certain distance of Bulletron (about equal to a Ranger's FoV) have 25% reduced bullet stats.
  • Opposite. The same as the above, except that instead of reducing bullet stats, the attack makes all tanks fire opposite the direction they aim for a brief period.
  • Either Way. The Cannon fires bullets that either do heavy damage or (if they miss their target) fire a slightly lesser bullet at the dodging tank.

The End of Bulletron

Once Bulletron loses all his health, he begins cracking and splitting. His arms fall off and fly out of the arena while rumbling noises are heard and bullets appear out of no where. Eventually, he splits into hundreds of pieces, which turn into bullets as the message "This is not the end..." is broadcasted to all tanks in the server.


These quotes will occasionally be broadcasted to all tanks in the server. They start appearing after Phase 1 ends, but before Bulletron begins his death throws. Many thanks to Zathsu for adding many of them.

  • I'm going to show you why the bullet is so dominant!
  • You're gonna die faster than a speeding bullet!
  • They won't be able to tell your ashes from the gunpowder!
  • One shot, one kill!
  • Get those TRAPS out of here. I hate everything and everyone they stand for! Blocking MY bullets?
  • Let's see if you can make your way through THIS storm.
  • You're gonna break away and fall!
  • Join me, bullet firing tanks, and together we shall conquer this world! Surrender and submit now!
  • I hate it when things don't go my way! GRaaaaahhhh!
  • The first is always the best! Do not doubt my power!
  • Stupid drones running close, stupid traps sitting there, the bullet travels and gets the job done.
  • You're gonna have so many holes in you, you might as well be Swiss!
  • I never miss.
  • You're gonna need a LOT of penetration to destroy this bullet!
  • You can thank me for your own method of defeating me.
  • I am the conqueror. And you are but my rebellious soldiers.
  • Look at you waste away my beautiful creations...
  • Bullets do not die like Drones or Traps. They just keep on coming.
  • My bullet ouptut is greater than that of all of you puny tanks combined!
  • You have to "upgrade" to change your cannons. I can change mine with scarcely a thought.
  • How dare you shoot bullets at me, Lord of Bullets!
  • Join me and our combined force of bullets with conquer all! Or I'll just conquer all anyway, while you sadly look on from the Halls of Death.
  • Shall I kill you with one single bullet, or two hundred? Either way is easy and satisfying.
  • The fastest thing wins the race. Bullets are the fastest. Go figure the rest.
  • Bullets, bullets, and more bullets.




  • The second Elemental to be made.
  • Quotes were added by Zathsu and TheGoldenPatrik1.
  • Its image originally used the "first-gen" Elemental art scheme.
    • This was subsequently changed to the "third-gen" art scheme. Changes were numerous including a new background and vastly improved design.
      • After that came the "fourth-gen" art.
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