The Burner is a Tier 2 tank. It can further upgrade into the Berserker, Heater and the Double-Blader.

Idea by Everfarther.


The Burner has a fire-lance on the front. The length of the fire-lance is about the same as a cannon of stalker.


The Burner is a tank that hurt enemies with fire damage.When the fire-lance pierces into another tank, the enemy tank receives "Fire Point" until detach the fire-lance. A tank loses 1 HP for each 1 fire point per second.

Once upgrade to burner, "bullet speed", "bullet penestration", "Reload" will be no longer available to upgrade. "Fire temperature" will be available. An ability can be upgraded 10 times before maxing out.
Fire temperature Time to receive fire point
0 0.30s
1 0.26s
2 0.23s
3 0.20s
4 0.18s
5 0.16s
6 0.14s
7 0.13s
8 0.12s
9 0.11s
10 0.10s


  • While taking burning damage, "Health Regen" doesn't help you to regenerate HP. Instead, they help you to reduce fire points.Fire points reduce by (2+0.5*"Health Regen") per second.
  • Once enter the base in 2 Teams, 4 Teams and Domination mode, fire points return to 0.
  • A Burner-Branch tank is immune to fire.
  • The Burner has a slightly better Body Damage and an excellent Movement Speed.
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