"Silently moving but violently attacking. Maybe the Camo-Gunner didn't actually wish to have that trait."
The Camo-Gunner is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from Gunner and Shadow Tank. It has the ability to become invisible.


The Camo-Gunner features a circular body and all 4 cannons from Gunner, but overlapped by a trapezoidal base.


The Camo-Gunner has the combination of Gunner and Shadow Tank. This means that it acts like Gunner, but can become invisible after five seconds. Its FoV is now also Stage 2, being the same as Sniper. If upgrading from Gunner, Bullet Penetration is slightly decreased.


  • Strong Against: Unaware tanks, slow tanks, tanks with low fire rate
  • Weak Against: Fast tanks, fast-firing tanks with high Bullet Penetration and Speed, Assassin and its upgrades, Overlord

The Camo-Gunner is more of a stealthy tank with rapid fire rate. Ambushing enemies is the best option to defeat them. Glass-cannon builds works best with this tank.

When attempting to fight the Camo-Gunner, it is recommended to attack it with tanks whose Field of Vision is higher than it. This makes the chance to win against higher. Also, it should not be a problem when already fighting it with another bullet-spamming tank with focused firing, such as Triplet, as the Camo-Gunner's Bullet Penetration is not that much high. Tanks with large area denial firing such as Spread Shot and Octo Tank can force the Camo-Gunner to come out of hiding, although be prepared when about to defeat it.


  • It is one of the tanks whose trapezoidal base overlaps multiple cannons.
  • The term 'camo' is short for 'camouflage', the use of disguise to blend with the surroundings. This refers to the invisibility function of Camo-Gunner, thus its name.

Special Thanks to (Credits)

  • Graviatar, for making the art for this tank.
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