The Caravan is a class that upgrades from the Navigator at Level 45. It cannot upgrade further. Idea by Diepmon.


It is a rounded square with the same short lance like the Navigator’s, except there is a drone spawner on the back and a long trapezoidal base sticking out from underneath the drone spawner. The tank body has a green circle on it.


It still retains the charge ability of the Lancer and all of the Navigator's minimap functionalities, but doesn't improve on either of those mechanics. Instead, the drone spawner plays a role in a mechanic unique to this tank. The drone spawner creates uncontrollable large triangle drones that latch onto the trapezoidal base and each other, pointy side first. This makes the tank have a tail. A tail made of drones. Now, the tank usually has a maximum of a 5-drone tail, but by increasing Drone Count/Reload, there can be a tail with 12 drones in it. The tank's tail moves where the tank moves, so if the tank starts moving in a circle, the tail will make a circle too. If the tank were to suddenly jerk to the left or right, the entire tail wouldn't do that too. Instead, the drones would keep moving along the circle path, then turn where the tank turned. The tail will deal damage to things that touch it, and like normal drones can be destroyed. If an enemy passes through the tail, the drones they hit will be destroyed while they take damage. The drones are as tough as an Overseer's drones. Bullets can destroy the drones as well, though, so it's like a moving line of traps.


  • Wrap around your teammates with the tail to protect them, while charging. Provided you have enough skill points toward Max Health, you can serve as a shield without the need for Trappers.
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