The Chain is one of the current final tier 4 upgrades from the Triple Shot. It may not upgrade any further as this tank is at the end of its upgrade line. A collab by Enigmium and Tacocat247, DO NOT STEAL.


This tank looks like a Spread Shot without the first Cannon.


This tank shoots sideways a little. Despite this, its reload is high. Its bullet damage decreases. All in all, the Chain is like a slightly more powerful Spread Shot.


  • Strong against: Low DPS Tanks, Low level Tanks
  • Weak against: high DPS tanks, high reload tanks, Overseer/Wizard branch.

As the Twin Chain

Your best defense is the side Cannons, and your worst offense is the back. Use the side barrels to defend yourself from incoming Bullets. Use the bullets to recoil when needed.

Against the Twin Chain

Use high DPS tanks, like the Destroyer, Hybrid, or Annihilator. Avoid its bullets and shoot at the back.



  • This tank used to be made in FTB.
  • 10/20/17 Edit: Tank is no longer made in FTB, but with
  • The tank is made by Enigmium.
  • ?????
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