The Chainsaw is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from Sawer. It makes itself slightly boost forward while spinning its saw.


The Chainsaw features a circular body and a saw rod similar to Sawer, but the main rod is overlapped by a trapezoidal base.


Being an upgrade of the Sawer, it retains its saw rod as its weapon. Most are still similar, but the Chainsaw, when spinning up its saw, now slightly moves forward where it faces automatically, as if it was dragging/boosting itself forward. The effect lasts as long as the saw spins (which is 5 seconds). However, the speed of the effect always remain the same regardless of stats.

Apart from its slight spin boost, its Saw Spin Rate slightly decreased in performance. The table below shows the Chainsaw's Saw Spin Rate.

Number of Points Invested in Saw Spin Rate Cooldown Before Re-Spinning the Saw
0 7.4
1 7.1
2 6.8
3 6.5
4 6.3
5 6.1
6 5.9
7 5.8
8 5.75
9 5.7


With the ability to boost itself slightly while spinning the saw, the Chainsaw has one, if not, the deadliest melee attacks. Since it can now chase enemy tanks much easier, the Chainsaw's ability is best used when charging through walls of enemy bullets, assured that the Chainsaw can survive that. However, this was still somehow useful against traps laid down by Trapper branch.

The boost is best used as an offensive movement, although this can also be used for retreating. However, since the boost generally directs to where the Chainsaw faces, it might leave its body vulnerable while escaping.


  • ChainsawGelly

    Previous design of Chainsaw's saw rod. Imagery by AU12321.

    Despite its name, the Chainsaw actually uses more of a circular-saw like appearance like the Sawer, instead of a real-life chainsaw.
  • Originally, there exists a tank named "Battering Saw". This exclusively has the forward boost. It was now removed.
    • As such, the Chainsaw previously did not have the forward boost, until it gained the Battering Saw's ability.

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