Chompy is a Gladiator Boss that has a 5% chance to replace a Fallen Overlord spawn in the Extended Tale of Diep.


Chompy has a triangular body in two shades of blue, with a gold thunderbolt design going down the length of the body. On the front are two mandibles similar to Draconis Rex, but using the War Machine's Slayer weapon as jaws. For an eye, it has a Dominator Auto Turret that has a red eye thing in the middle with two curvy spike things jutting up from the sides of the barrel. On the sides of the body are two Auto Spike Launchers sticking out of Phage Spawners. The back of the body has two Destroyer barrels, while the entire rear has a long tail with gold spikes and alternating colors between segments. The very end of the tail is a circular segment with a laser pod and two Thorn Trapper launchers.


Chompy's behavior is similar to the Reaper Leviathan in that it moves in a snake-like pattern where the tail follows the body's path. It has few attacks, listed below. It is constantly firing off bullets from its Destroyer barrels and Dominator Auto Turret, and leaving behind Thorn Mines with its launchers. The laser pod will also lock on to things that get too close and has a set damage rate over time, 20 damage per second. The Phage Spawners are aesthetic, the Spike Launchers are the weapon part.

  • Coil: Chompy starts coiling itself around a tank, looping around and making the coil smaller and smaller with each turn. If said tank can deal 500 damage to Chompy before it gets crushed, Chompy will uncoil and pursue a different target.
  • Jaw Charge: Chompy charges at a tank and bites it to do medium damage. Often used.
  • Open Wide: Chompy opens its jaw wide and fires its teeth barrels, firing a barrage of bullets for 5 seconds.
  • Rose Barrage: Chompy's Spike Launchers launch out 5 waves of 3 spikes each to deal long range damage.
  • Push: Used randomly. Chompy fires out Destroyer bullets from its back barrels, 3 in quick succession. This generates a lot of recoil, but the bullets do 1/3 of their normal damage.


  • This one's basically a Reaper Leviathan with more variety.
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