The Clasher is a tank that is similar to the Booster and Fighter.


It has a front barrel, and two hind barrels that are similar to the Booster. It has one small barrel at the back that helps on recoil.


The Clasher has 6 barrels, more than the Booster; however, its body damage decreases and its speed increases. It has better bullet damage than the Fighter, but lower penetration. Its FOV (field of view) increases a little like a Sniper.


  • Strong Against: Bullet Spammers, Low DPS Tanks, Sniper branch
  • Weak Against: Destroyer branch, Drone classes

As the Clasher

  • Use most of the barrels at the same time if possible.
  • Recoil/Ram to other tanks to lower their health.
  • Use the increased FOV to counter other tanks
  • Use your speed to maneuver your tank.
  • Use the back recoil to escape stronger tanks.
  • Use the same strategy of both Booster and Fighter.

Against the Clasher

  • Use high damage per second tanks.
  • Destroyer classes may help defeat this tank.
  • The usage of Drone classes may also help.
  • Huge groups of tanks may, again, also help.



  • The Clasher is made by Enigmium and Tacocat247.
  • The Clasher is based on both Booster and Fighter.
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