What are Classes?

Classes are the building blocks of tanks - the raw material a tank is based off of before going live. Almost all tanks have a class, and some tanks have 2 or more classes! I have included a list of the main classes and examples.

Main Classes

If you want to use Classes in your Fanon tank, please just add a link directed to this page somewhere in your page.


  • Basic - The Basic class is the "normal" class that tanks like the Single and the Twin. This class is for moderate damage tanks and tanks with no special abilities.
  • Spreader - The Spreader class is the class that tanks like the Machine Gun possess. This class has a high spread and a low damage, used for spammers mostly.
  • Laser - The Laser class is a fast bullet speed, fast reload class that tanks like the Streamliner and the Gunner have. It is good for machine gun tanks that you don't want spread with.
  • Destroy - The Destroy class is used for high recoil, high damage, low reload tanks, perfect for the Annihilator. Use this for one-shot tanks, and mind the recoil!
  • Reloader - This is the weird class that no tanks in the game possess except the Reloader branch. This represents tanks that shoot some bullets, and reload. For the tank to be a Reloader class, it has to have a visible reload. An example is the Twin Reloader.
  • Shotgun - This is a class that no diep tanks have, but some arras ones do like the Shotgun. This is used for spread, different bullet sizes, and a low range.
  • Drone - This class is the one that all tanks with drones possess, such as the Overseer. It is used as the general Drone class, and you have a dual-class tank to add special abilities for the Drones or for other Cannons.
  • Swarm - This class is the one that all Swarm tanks have. The only Swarm class there is in Diep.io is the Battleship. It is used as the general Swarm class if you want to make your own tanks.
  • RPG - The RPG class is a class used for exploding bullets. Yep, exploding bullets. This is actually a class the Factory possesses, because the drones have cannons, making them "explode".


Reloader - Reloader/Laser poly-class

Hybrid - Drone/Destroy poly-class

Twin Shotburst - Shotgun/Reloader poly-class

Basic - Basic mono-class

Overlord - Drone mono-class

Factory - Drone/RPG poly-class

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