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The Clicker is a Fanon Tier 3 Tank that evolves from Puncher and can further evolve into Necroposter, Smashdrive, and Manipulator. Idea by Sentinal94K. DO NOT STEAL.


When it evolves from Puncher, it gains 2 sniper cannons. As such, it's FoV and Bullet Speed is increased, but it's Movement Speed is significantly decreased.


Strong Against: Spread tanks, snipers, drone users(execpt Factory), tanks with a low RoF, slow rammers

Weak Against: Auto tanks, fast rammers

As the Tank:

  • It can kill most tanks now, so attack or defend aggressively.
  • For fast rammers, shoot in front of the attacker.

Against the Tank:

  • As a fast rammer, spin around it but be prepared to stop.
  • As an auto tank, concentrate on dodging.
  • If it is your weakness, use the strategy for defeating snipers that applies to your class.


  • Nothing yet.
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